Exterior Paint Semi - Gloss
Waterborne Ceramic House & Trim Paint features today’s most advanced
100% acrylic resins that are further enhanced with proprietary ceramic technology
providing unsurpassed exterior performance. This paint provides exceptional
hide and longevity. The waterborne ceramic technology provides excellent gloss
retention, color stability, breathability and alkali resistance. Making it the ideal
coating for wood, plastics, cement board, composite board, stucco, metal and
cementitious surfaces. Waterborne Ceramic House & Trim Paint is self-priming
over many properly prepared new and previously painted surfaces.
RECOMMENDED USE: Clapboards, shingles, shakes, trim, plywood, vinyl and aluminum
siding, stucco, brick, masonry, asbestos siding, properly prepared galvanized metal.
• Exceptional Hide
• Unmatched longevity and durability
• Excellent gloss retention and color stability