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What Makes Farrow & Ball Paint So Wonderfully Unique?

What Makes Farrow & Ball Paint So Wonderfully Unique?
What Makes Farrow & Ball Paint So Wonderfully Unique? The reputation of British paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball enjoys an impressively swirling mystique internationally. Color names like Charlotte's Locks and Borrowed Light surely add to this allure, as well as the brand's characterfully storied past. But without a doubt, the true magic lies within the paint itself—both in terms of how it is produced, and the way light interacts so beautifully with the painted surface. Farrow & Ball was founded within a charming countryside setting in 1946 by namesake pioneers with a passion for pigments. Using only the finest ingredients, they began a diligent paint-making tradition that continues to this day. When considering the paints of Farrow & Ball versus competitors, value can be found in knowing that while other manufacturers abandoned their old ways in favor of plastic-based products in the 1970s and 1980s, here we find a brand that always stayed true to its roots and reputation. While Farrow & Ball might now have grown to become a global name that most will recognize, they have somehow managed not to stray from an enchanting production path. Here, we will explore what makes Farrow & Ball paint so wondrously unique, and why so many interior decorators wouldn't accept an alternative. Developing New Colors at Farrow & Ball It's hard to imagine that any widely known brands still call for brainstorming at the kitchen table, but in the case of Farrow & Ball, this remains quite literally the case! Every Farrow & Ball paint may enjoy its own top-secret recipe, but what can tell you is that the paint's elegant interaction with light and chalky texture can be attributed—at least in part—to a base of light-reflecting titanium dioxide. From there, all of the spectacular colors within the brand's range are mixed in intimately small batches, using a selection of up to thirteen color-rich signature pigments. Returning to that kitchen table—perhaps even as you read this—we find the surface upon which a small creative team in the quaint market town of Wimborne, Dorset, set about playing with pigments until they strike just the right shade. Not gold, mind you, but rather Incarnadine, Babouche, or whichever the next heavenly hue may be. Next, the resident chemist at Farrow & Ball HQ delves into the quality control process, diligently testing the infant color for consistency and quality, to twice the industry standard. Intriguingly, this delicate and impassioned practice is a rare one, as the brand only releases a handful of new shades each year. In another nod to their heritage, Farrow & Ball maintain an archive of every paint they ever created, and customers can request custom batches of retired colors as the need arises. A Paint Company Powered By Integrity Within each Farrow & Ball paint can, there is so much more to discover beyond uncompromising quality. The result of an enduring dedication to ethical and sustainable production also awaits—in fact, even the paint can itself is infinitely recyclable! Back in 2010, Farrow & Ball were the first within their industry to move to an entirely water-based range. This means that even the brand's lustrous Gloss is low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), for family-friendliness, and no need to compromise on air quality within inhabited spaces. Each ingredient is responsibly sourced from long-standing suppliers, ensuring a product free from animal cruelty or exploitation. Longevity is also an important consideration for Farrow & Ball, who create paints that are designed to last beautifully as life continues on around them. These same principles are applied to the brand's artisanal wallpaper range which is actually block printed using Farrow & Ball paint—making perfect coordination easy within any interior. Modern and Heritage Interiors Welcome Paint Steeped in History , Farrow & Ball's earliest inception may have been modest, but even in the first decades of their story, such illustrious clients as the Ford Motor Company, and Raleigh Bicycles turned to the brand for their spectacular ability to manifest colors that sing. Today, one of the qualities that interior designers value most—whether reinvigorating period or contemporary interiors—is the way Farrow & Ball paint colors gently shift and evolve with the day's changing light, revealing endlessly endearing undertones and highlights. Together, the many facets of this fascinating brand explain what makes Farrow & Ball paint so much better, and ultimately uniquely special. Exeter Paint is proud to be counted among the carefully selected international stockists of both Farrow & Ball paint and wallpapers. We are also excited to share our Ep Transform Paint & Design service, which serves to comprehensively support you through your dream interior renovation. If you would like to know more about our services or any aspect of the Farrow & Ball range , contact our team today .
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