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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring from Your Local Exeter NH Contractors

Exeter Paint has more than just paint! We are your premiere epoxy floor contractors in NH. Your friends at Exeter Paint specialize in premium garage and industrial floor coatings.

We offer one-stop floor coating protection by providing top-quality products. We measure it according to specifications, before it is professionally applied. A cracked garage floor retains moisture, which can affect the stability of the structure itself. Mold can develop throughout time and it can spread into different parts of the home. Cracks in the garage floor can also cause trips and falls.

A fresh layer of epoxy floor coating from Exeter Paint will seal the cracks in your garage floor to permanently keep mold out, so it is safe for your car, home and family. Your business could also use a surface upgrade, right? If your employees and customers are tired of your dull, cracked showroom floors, it’s time to renovate with a strong and beautiful industrial concrete floor coating from the pros at Exeter Paint.

Epoxy Flooring from Your Local Exeter NH Contractors

Epoxy Floor Contractors in Exeter & Epping NH

Our epoxy floor contractors will start by opening the pores of the floor with a concrete grinding material. This process prepares the floor for the sealant which absorbs the epoxy floor covering for an even finish and maximum protection.

Garage floor paint is just not as effective as our strong epoxy adhesive that is poured evenly over the surface to fill in any existing cracks. When that is completely dry, an epoxy primer and finisher is applied to ensure maximum stability. The epoxy primer and finisher is evenly spread over the surface of your garage. This surface will support years of use, especially after the polyurethane industrial concrete sealer coating is applied over the epoxy floor covering.

You will be impressed with the smooth, non-slip floor coating surface that will protect your garage floor for years to come. If you thought that there were no epoxy floor coating contractors near you, think again. Exeter Paint is the number one garage floor resurfacing contractor and we’re right here in friendly Exeter, New Hampshire.

Epoxy Floor Contractors in Exeter & Epping NH

Exeter NH Industrial Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating can help commercial or industrial buildings save money because of its durability. The floor will always be stain resistant and easy to clean. In addition, industrial floor coatings require no additional adhesives or specialized equipment.

An epoxy coated surface ensures safe conditions for warehouse and assembly line workers, as well as those who work in commercial buildings or on industrial sites. The epoxy leaves a shiny, attractive surface that any business will appreciate. Protect your industrial floor with a strong and smooth surface that is built to last. Reduce your maintenance costs with our epoxy industrial floor coating and customers will marvel at the beautiful addition to your workplace.

Be proud of the floors in your industrial facility and protect them for the future with epoxy floor coatings from Exeter Paint.

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