Allway painters tripods 10pk 10043-Exeter Paint Stores

The Painter's Tripods are designed to support the painted item above the work surface to encourage less mess, an easier paint job and a simplified cleanup. All new design to make interlocking more intuitive and secure while enabling versatile combinations. 10 pieces are in the package.

  • Supports items above the work surface for less mess and easier painting and cleanup
  • Paint top of project, turn over while still wet, then paint the other side - no waiting to dry
  • Tripods interlock to support unwieldy items
  • Can be screwed down for security
  • Convex wall shape to provide only point contact with dowels
  • Great for working with doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, mouldings and more
  • 10 tripods are included
  • Made of strong Celcon (polyoxymethylene) to support heavy subjects, especially with multiple pieces interlocked