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    Most people agree washing their brushes isnt an enjoyable experience. BrushBaggy is a specially designed zip top plastic bag, sized to enclose your paint tools to protect them from drying out in between uses. Save hours in washing your rollers. Protect your tools and conserve water by waiting until the end of your project to wash everything out. Brushes, rollers, and the whole tray go in easy and seal air tight. Sized for a 9 inch roller tray, these baggies come in three different levels of quantities - 1 pack, 3 pack, and 15 pack depending on the size of your project. Don't use messy plastic wrap or hard plastic shells that warp and still require cleaning - BrushBaggy is much better. The easy zip top opening allows you to use the bag more than once and the paint mess is kept inside the bag - Slip and Zip!

    • Protects your roller tray from drying out in between uses
    • Made of recyclable polypropylene which keeps brushes completely sealed and wet for weeks
    • Fits 9 in. roller trays
    • Easy tear zip top design keeps the paint mess inside the bag
    • Save on water and time by only cleaning your paint tray once
    • Save money on protecting your tools from ruin
    • Ideal for medium to large painting projects
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