DayNite™ Shutters
DayNite™ Shutters DayNite™ Shutters DayNite™ Shutters

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The honeycomb shade in DayNite™ Shutters can significantly calm and darken your room, up to 97% of UV light. Coupled with the shutter, a virtually blackout room darkening effect is created. A perfect solution for shutters in a bedroom, a home theater, or anywhere light control is critical. Not only does the added insulation in DayNite™ shutters help to lower your utility bills, but it also makes your home feel more comfortable. We utilize the same quality honeycomb fabric found Norman®’s Portrait™ Honeycomb Collection. Honeycomb fabric specially made to insulate your window openings. To keep the home cool when it’s hot outside, and warm when it's cold out.

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