Paint Behind Starter Kit 00020

Easily PAINT BEHIND Hard to Reach Areas In need of a simple solution for painting in narrow spaces? Check out PAINT BEHIND. It's a revolutionary new tool that helps you easily PAINT BEHIND fixtures and appliances that have been installed close to walls. No more blank canvases - PAINT BEHIND is here! The PAINT BEHIND tool includes one removable paint pad and a transparent paint tray. The tray has a perforated tab at the top, making it easy to hang the product in wall-mounted displays. Benefits of PAINT BEHIND Easy to use Includes a strong, reusable applicator Applies paint smoothly Is an affordable option for painting in hard-to-reach areas Contains simple-to-use, slide-on replacement pads.

  • Use PAINT BEHIND for areas such as: toilets, radiators, gutters, downspouts, refrigerators, stoves, cabinets, television, bi-fold doors, pipes, deck grooves, and more
  • Do-it-yourself customers, pro painters, home owners, contractors, interior designers, renovators, property managers