Picasso bull short handle angled brush 2.5” 00843-Exeter Paint Stores

The Picasso is the worlds only angled oval paint brush, featuring patented Hardline interior construction with Advantage PBT synthetic filaments. Ideal for large areas, and also cutting-in on detail and trim work with control and precision.
Picasso great for painting with chalk, milk and acrylic paints

Picasso paint brushes are easy to clean


High quality construction
Advantage PBT™ filaments, SRT (solid round tapered)
Acid dipped tipping
Hand chiseled
Easy hold bare wood contoured handle
Very easy clean up
Redundant epoxy construction
NO DRIP feature
Massive Load and Hold capacity in an oval brush
Well balanced feel
Extremely responsive
Razor sharp cuts
Excels with almost any acrylic paints