Shurline touch up painter 96270-Exeter Paint Stores
Can't clean it off? Cover it up! 3-oz Touch up Painter stores left-over paint securely in the air-tight tube until you need it. When ready for use simply twist the lid from store to paint to release paint on the fabric roller and roll onto your wall or trim to cover marks, scuffs, and repairs to small areas without tell-tale brush marks. 1-in wide paint roller is designed for quick fixes on any surface. When finished, clean the roller for future use and re-seal the unit until next time. Ideal for rental units, high traffic areas, and commercial use! Rollers provide a consistent finish without leaving brush marks and refills are available under model #1859465. Use with all latex paints.
  • Simply twist the lid to store or paint

  • Designed for touch-ups and to cover marks and scuffs

  • Unit holds 3-oz of paint

  • For all latex paints

  • Store paint from a finished project and touch up later as needed

  • Ideal for rental and home use